Johnny Boonham.

Popular Ballroom and Sequence Dance Musician.

This section covers some Interests and Hobbies

Mist and Steam!

Mist and Steam!

A life-long interest of mine has been in Railways and

Steam Locomotives.

The Severn Valley Railway is not that far from my home.

On a damp, misty day, I took the above picture from

a Northbound Train as we paused at Hampton Loade,

This shows a Pannier Tank waiting for the "Right Away" on

a Southbound Train, re-creating a scene from yesteryear.

Sunday at Bescot.

Sunday at Bescot.

The above picture takes us back to the early 1960s.

Sometimes, on a Sunday, I would ride my bicycle to

Bescot Locomotive Shed. On this occasion, there were

a couple of 0-6-0s in the sunshine. I think they may

have arrived there after taking an excusion to Dudley

for the Zoo. There was a variety of motive power used

on these trains, including "Black Fives" and "Jubilees".

Jubilee at Leighswood.

Jubilee at Leighswood.

Talking of the Dudley Zoo Specials, I took the above

picture, which could be of one of these trains.

It was in charge of a Jubilee 4-6-0, which I believe to be

No. 45593 "Kolhapur".

The train appears to be a return working of one of these


It is on the South Staffs Line approaching Leighswood Sidings,

working hard up the hill, through Pelsall, on it's way back

towards Burton-on-Trent.



Whilst visiting relatives in Canada I had an interest

in the railways there. I took the above picture during

a visit to Jasper, Alberta.

In the picture, which was taken on September 12th 2009,

a "Double Stack", hauled by three locomotives is entering

the station area heading West.

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