Johnny Boonham

Popular Ballroom and Sequence Dance Musician



About Johnny

Born in Birmingham on June 10th 1947, Johnny has been playing music since

about 10 years old. He started playing piano in social clubs during the late

sixties. This also involved playing for cabaret artists, usually along with a

drummer. At this time he also became Organist and Choirmaster at a local

church, playing regularly for services on a Two Manual Pipe Organ, over

a number of years. He played other pipe organs from time to time.

Most social clubs were buying Electronic Organs and Johnny became

hooked on Hammond Organs. Taking engagements at many venues, he

had the opportunity and privilege to play and gain experience on a wide

range of makes and models.These included:- Hammond, Wurlitzer, Lowrey,

Baldwin, Conn, Technics, Yamaha etc. He also gave tuition.

Johnny says:-

"Although I liked organs such as the Hammond C3 and the large

"Concert" models such as the Concorde, I was particularly fond

of the Hammond T. In 1970 I bought a T200 to have at home and

still have it to this day.

I have fond memories of playing during visits to family in the U.S.A

in the seventies and early eighties. I had the opportunity to see and

play models that had not yet been seen in the U.K. It also gave me

the chance to play music with my Uncle Jim, who was a very talented

guitarist and a big inspiration to me."

Leonida and Johnny are married.

Leonida and Johnny are married.

Leonida and Johnny were married on Sunday November 10th at the

Church of "the Immaculate Conception", Marbella, Spain, where Nida

had been living and working for about eight years.

Since they returned to England, Johnny played mainly for dancing,

over a number of years using a Yamaha EL25 Organ and producing

his first C.D.recording.

Johnny says:-

"Nida gave me tremendous support and in 1999 she persuaded me

to buy a single keyboard, the Yamaha PSR8000, together with a

Roland PK5 Pedalboard. This worked out very well and I produced

another C.D. called "Dance With Me Vol 2" featuring this keyboard.

This recording is still available also.

We moved on to the Yamaha Tyros 1 and then Tyros 4, still with a

PK5 Pedalboard. The sound system consisted of a Stage Monitor

and a pair of JBL 515 Speakers. They gave a nice sound from the

Tyros and were good for vocals too."

My First Picture Of Nida.

My First Picture Of Nida.

This was my first picture of Nida and was taken by a

professional photographer in Spain before we were married.

It was taken for the award that she won as "Woman of the Month"

for August 1984 in Marbella. I carried this picture around with me

all the time, I loved it so much.

Another Favourite Picture

Another Favourite Picture

This was one of my first pictures of Nida and I took this in

May 1985 at Gibraltar.

Back To Spain.

Back To Spain.

This picture was taken in Marbella not long after we were married

Sadly, at 3am on Monday 25th June 2012, after a long battle with

cancer, my dear wife Nida passed away peacefully with me, at home.

After more than 27 years of happy marriage,this was

heartbreaking for me and for a while I didn't feel like doing

much of anything. However, after a few months, friends persuaded

me to play again and I started to take on a few engagements.

Everyone said that Nida would have wanted me to carry on.

Nida is "Laid To Rest" At Streetly Cemetery.

Nida is

Nida was laid to rest at Streetly Cemetery in July 2012.

The above picture shows her Memorial.

The picture below shows the entry in the "Book of Remembrance".


Shelfield Methodist Church

Shelfield Methodist Church

A few months after I started playing again I was contacted by the

Local Methodist Church here at Shelfield and asked if I would play

for the Sunday Morning Services on their Pipe Organ. It's a nice

instrument and the folks are very friendly, so I am enjoying playing

music in Church again. The above picture shows "yours truely" with

the Organ Console at Shelfield Methodist Church.

Shelfield Methodist Church

Shelfield Methodist Church

Here is another picture taken inside Shelfield Methodist Church.

Jean Comes Into My Life.

Jean Comes Into My Life.

The above picture was taken at Wenlock Edge in Shropshire

It shows a lovely lady named Jean who has now come into my life.

She had sadly, lost her husband Ramon about ten years ago. He was a

real gentleman and a fine singer. He had sung Tenor in several choirs.

He also sang "Barber Shop".

Jean was also into music and dancing. including tap dance.

She loves to sing. Over the years she has given freely of her talent

to help raise money for charity. This included stage shows and singing

in choirs, including singing at The Royal Albert Hall in London.

Jean and I first met when I was fifteen years old and went to work

as an apprentice at the printing company where she worked.

Both my dear wife Nida and I and Jean and Ramon were good

friends and had a lot of respect for eachother and we used to

meet socially.

Jean and I now spend a lot of time with eachother, going out with me

socially and also accompany me on music engagements.

Jean now attends the church where I play on Sunday Mornings.

I think she really likes singing the Hymns too.

So when we went to London in 2016 and Simon Cowell asked

me about our relationship, my answer was

"Watch This Space".

At the moment that still is my answer ! ! !

Please also refer to the Britain's Got Talent Page.

At the moment, you can view part of my Britain's Got Talent

Audition by searching for Johnny Boonham on You Tube. There,

you will also see my lovely friend Jean, along with that fantastic

audience at The Dominion Theatre, London, Cheering me on!

St. George's at Lea Hall Allotments.

St. George's at Lea Hall Allotments.

Music and good friends have kept me going. I have played at some

really nice venues and met some wonderful people and hope to

continue as long as I am able and needed.

The above picture was taken by Jean on 21st April 2015

at Lea Hall Allotments Club, Handsworth Wood, Birmingham,

where I was engaged to play music on the evening of the

St. George's Day Dance