Johnny Boonham.

Britain's Got Talent

Johnny Boonham appears on Television

Britain's Got Talent 22nd May 2016.

Johnny appeared on the Television Show "Britain's Got Talent",

which was broadcast on Saturday 22nd May 2016. He had been

invited to perform in front of the Judges on the show which was

held at The Dominion Theatre, Tottenham Court Road, London

on 27th January 2016.

Johnny Says,

" That Day in London was a wonderful experience.

The team there were very kind to us. I say us, because my friend

Jean was with me and gave me great support and encouragement.

The judges were very nice to me and the audience were fantastic.

Simon wanted to know what the relationship was between Jean

and myself. I said that she was a good friend, in fact a very very

good friend and the audience became really interested. When I was

pressed further on the subject I said " Watch This Space". I had a

long coversation with Simon and although he didn't vote for me, he said

he liked me. Anyway I passed the audition three to one.

Jean and I were invited to the Abba Hotel in the West End of London

on 14th February to attend the final selection for the live shows. I was

taken, along with the other artists to the London Palladium to be thanked

by the Judges for taking part.

Even though I didn't make it to the live shows, it was a great experience,

I met some really nice people, including Ant and Dec.

Also my thanks go to the producers for broadcasting my Audition on

22nd May and for the tasteful way it was edited."

Even now, a year later, Jean and I are still approached in the street and

asked about our relationship, but the answer at the moment is still

"Watch This Space!"

Britain's Got Talent and The TV Companies have Copywrite

on Images from the shows. For this reason we are not allowed to post

on this website any pictures of the shows or of my Audition. However,

I believe, at the moment there are movie clips and images posted by

the TV Companies which can be viewed by searching for

Johnny Boonham on You Tube.