Johnny Boonham.

Popular Ballroom and Sequence Dance Musician.

This section covers some Interests and Hobbies

Loughborough Great Central.

Loughborough Great Central.

On a recent visit to The Great Central Railway,

I took the above picture of Jean, at

Loughborough Station.

We had a very enjoyable day there, including

some shopping in the town ! !

Mist and Steam!

Mist and Steam!

A life-long interest of mine has been in Railways and

Steam Locomotives.

The Severn Valley Railway is not that far from my home.

On a damp, misty day, I took the above picture from

a Northbound Train as we paused at Hampton Loade,

This shows a Pannier Tank waiting for the "Right Away" on

a Southbound Train, re-creating a scene from yesteryear.

" More Mist and Steam "

I took the above picture at Wednesbury Central, which

was on the route of the Great Western Line from Birmingham

Snow Hill to Wolverhapton Low Level.

It shows Castle Class Locomotive No 7029 "Clun Castle",

hurrying though towards Wolverhampton in early 1967, with

a down express.

Sunday at Bescot.

Sunday at Bescot.

The above picture takes us back to the early 1960s.

Sometimes, on a Sunday, I would ride my bicycle to

Bescot Locomotive Shed. On this occasion, there were

a couple of 0-6-0s in the sunshine. I think they may

have arrived there after taking an excusion to Dudley

for the Zoo. There was a variety of motive power used

on these trains, including "Black Fives" and "Jubilees".

Jubilee at Leighswood.

Jubilee at Leighswood.

Talking of the Dudley Zoo Specials, I took the above

picture, which could be of one of these trains.

It was in charge of a Jubilee 4-6-0, which I believe to be

No. 45593 "Kolhapur".

The train appears to be a return working of one of these


It is on the South Staffs Line approaching Leighswood Sidings,

working hard up the hill, through Pelsall, on it's way back

towards Burton-on-Trent.



Whilst visiting relatives in Canada I had an interest

in the railways there. I took the above picture during

a visit to Jasper, Alberta.

In the picture, which was taken on September 12th 2009,

a "Double Stack", hauled by three locomotives is entering

the station area heading West.

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